New Energy’s proprietary EnCurrent Turbine converts the energy inherent in moving water into electricity. The technology is based on the Darrieus wind turbine, also called an eggbeater or whisk turbine due to its shape. The EnCurrent Turbine is a cross-flow turbine, meaning that the direction of rotation is perpendicular to direction of water flow.

When the turbine rotor is placed within a water current, the hydrofoils generate a lift vector in the forward orientation which can be captured at the shaft as a positive rotation. The hydrofoils experience their maximum forward torque at the top and bottom of their rotation, when the water moving past them is tangential. The turbine rotates in the same direction regardless of the direction of the water current and captures between 35% and 40% of the energy in moving water. It rotates at a very low speed, between 2 and 2.5 times the speed of the water in which it is submerged.

A permanent magnet generator is mounted on the turbine shaft to convert the torque generated by the rotor into electricity. The output from the permanent magnet generator is a variable voltage AC signal which is rectified to DC and fed into an inverter. The inverter takes the DC signal as input and provides an AC output. Different inverters can be used to provide the appropriate power for the regulatory requirements of any given area in the world.

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