EnCurrent Power Generation System

The EnCurrent Turbine is similar to a wind turbine, converting the energy in water currents into electricity. The Turbine is coupled with a permanent magnet generator and an inverter to provide complete water-to-wire EnCurrent Power Generation System.

EnCurrent Power Generation Systems have an extremely small environmental footprint with free flow floating models only requiring an achor point which can be located in the water or on shore depending on the site specifics. The drive-train and generator are positioned above the water-line for system longevity and ease of maintenance of the systems.

The turbines can be installed in canals, rivers, industrial outflows, and tidal currents. New Energy also provides a set of ancillary products that support the installation of the EnCurrent Power Generation System into all of these environments.

New Energy currently has 5, 10 and 25 kW models of the EnCurrent Power Generation System available with 125 and 250 kW models under development.  For more information on the availability of all models please contact New Energy Corporation Inc.

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